135 NGOs, CBOs endorse Buhari’s re-election

The nongovernmental organisations which comprises Community for Defence of Human Right; Labour Right Network; Centre for Human Liberty; African People’s Network against Injustice and Liberty Coalition; Electoral Justice and Peace Network, People’s Solidarity for Democracy among others were part of people who signed endorsement form.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Adeleye Taiwo from NHRC said that after considered the personality of the two leading contenders, it will be worst to have a man that has no iota of credibility at home and abroad to sit as the number one citizen of the country. “We believe that with the credibility of Buhari and Osinbajo, their errors of recent past can be correct in the most honest manner. But when you have a dishonest and untrustworthy person as your President, you will be putting the entire lives of the people on a dangerous and perilous scale.

movement He said that the coalition has instructed their members to work in line with the adoption of President Buhari and Osinbajo as the best alternatives candidate for Nigerians in the forthcoming Presidential election, given the realities of the moment.

“This does not mean Nigerians have made the most excellent choice, but only that in the context of the limited possibilities, Nigerians have made a better choice out of the two most formidable alternatives available for them. “It is our desire to back up this decision with a house to house campaign in the next few days to actualize our aim of ensuring the People’s Democratic Party do not return to power at the national level. The group said it considered certain factors, the personal credibility of the two leading contenders and the need to save Nigerian political space by corrupt and morally deficient people. “It will be worst to have a man that has no iota of credibility at home and abroad to sit as the Number one citizen of the country.” It added.

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