Cardi B Strips Naked & Breastfeeds Baby Kulture In New “Money” Video

Cardi B, 26, surprised fans with her smash hit “Money,” back in October, and now the video for the track is here! The jaw-dropping clip arrived on Dec. 21, and the newly single lady was not afraid to flaunt what she’s got! 

Queen Cardi showed her fans just what it takes to get that money, as she stripped down to just her bra and underwear, and showed off some sexy stripper moves! Cardi then takes it ALL off, and even breastfeeds baby Kulture in one scene, who makes a quick cameo!

In the video, Cardi looks more like a queen than ever before! In an outfit only fit for royalty, the rapper was dripping in gold accessories from head to toe. Her eye-catching headpiece was made from an array of watches, and she wore a pair of majorly oversized jewels in her ears.

The rapper was outfitted in a tiny, skintight, gold bodysuit, which revealed plenty of cleavage. The most wild part of her look though, might have been her nails. Cards rocked silver and gold claws that appeared to be the same length as her fingers! Cardi’s fans were beside themselves after watching the video. “BI**H OH MY GOD. @IAMCARDIB’S MONEY VIDEO HAS MY JAW ON THE FLOOORRRRRRR THIS CREATIVE DIRECTION IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The audio for “Money,” dropped out of nowhere on Oct. 23, and it was the best surprise for fans of the rapper. The track is ALLLL about what a boss Cardi is! “Cold ass bitch, I give boss chills//Ten different looks and my looks all kill//I kiss ’em in the mouth, I feel all grills//Heat in the car, that’s meals on wheels,” she raps on the track. The hard-hitting track is the perfect example of her glow up through the years. I was born to flex//Diamonds on my neck//I like boarding jets, I like morning sex// she says in another verse.

Watch Cardi’s new video for “Money” Now! She may be going through a tough breakup, but you would never know by watching this fierce video!

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