45 Year Old Epileptic Nigerian Mom Spared Jail After Killing Her Daughter

A 45-year-old Nigerian mum who killed her 18-month-old daughter when she suffered an epileptic fit at the wheel has been spared jail in the U.K.

Chidinma Anya was slammed by Old Bailey judge Rebecca Poulet for driving despite being told not to by a neurologist. The Judge said the mum-of-four had an “intermittent and unreliable” attitude to her medication.  Anya killed the youngest of her children, 18-month-old Eugenie, and left electrician Dean Snow unable to work for several months in November 2015.

Sentencing Anya, Judge Poulet QC said: “The consequence of the crash was catastrophic. A prescription for phenytoinsodium was found in the back of your car and was uncollected from September. You were well aware of your condition and that it was not fully controllable. I am quite satisfied that you have been told by at least one neurologist that you must not drive.”

Anya was given a 24 month prison sentence, suspended for two years. She was also made subject to a tagged curfew when she will have to stay indoors between 9pm and 6am for two months. . . Judge Poulet said she considered the loss of little Eugenie, Anya’s own injuries and the deep remorse she has suffered since the crash, when handing down the sentence.

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